Top Selling Video Games Of ALL TIME

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Best Selling Video Games Of All Eternity 

You hate them, but you LOVE them. No matter where you’ve been in the past decade, if you ever played any video games, you’ve definitely come across one of these.  Don’t they just bring back fond childhood memories?

Disclaimer 1: We are not listing them in any particular order.  Whichever game that shows in the list below is due to popularity and number of units sold.  We think all of them are just fun to play with and would love to play them all the time. This is not a list to incite debate, but a list of love, love for those wonderful games that made decades of our lives better.

Disclaimer 2: When we say “childhood” memories, we are not saying that you are old. No, not at all.  As a matter of fact, statistic shows the majority of video gamers today is over the age of 35 years. So if you are over 35, you are part of the video games generation!

Disclaimer 3: This list is not just for men, as a matter of fact, women made up 48% of all gamers!  Men just have a 4 points lead, but who knows, more and more independent gaming studios are popping up targeting women, by the end of this decade, things may change. (hint: candy crush).

So here we go, our list begins!


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