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Video games are fun and probably the most cost-effect form of entertainment.  As a matter of fact, many games are so well made with multiple endings that have endless replay value.  But at the same time, video games are expensive, especially with new titles coming out all the time.  So, to keep up with your gaming habit, you need to shop smart.  Here’s a list of major video game deals and bargains sites we find.  If you have other sites that are not on the list, make sure to leave it in the comments below, we’ll add them to our list.

First Things First – Video Game Bargain Rule Of Thumb

Ok, here are some ground rules when it comes to scoring video games at a bargain price:

Never buy a game at release date: Ok, unless you absolutely must have it, don’t buy them at the release date. If you do, you’ll have to pay retail and if the game does not live up to expectation, you are going to feel like an idiot.

Always compare retail, online, and bargain sites: This one is a no-brainer. Don’t rush to your local Walmart and pay through the nose for a video game title without checking on Amazon, eBay, or a number of sites listed below.  Because why pay more if you can pay less?

Wait for seasonal discounts: Ok, if you are into PC games, you must have steam, uplay, origin, or any one of those software stores to manage your games. Usually, these software stores will run seasonal discounts like Summer Savings, Christmas, New Year, etc… So it’s always good to save your games on wishlists and check back to see if prices have dropped.  I have bought many games on steam at bargain prices this way.

Buy game bundles and save: Another important yet often overlooked game score strategy.  Check bundle sites daily, you may like what you find for as low as $1.00 for 5 games. Yes, it’s possible.

Convert steam trading cards into steam bucks: Ok, this is more for PC gamers on the Steam platform. You get awarded achievements in Steam in the form of trading cards; some are given based on task accomplished, and some are just random.  You can trade these cards for steam cash and use them to buy new games.  What? Yes, you get paid to play so you can use your pay to buy more games.  Isn’t that just wonderful?

So keep these thoughts in mind when you look for your next game. But if you have to have it no matter what, then go ahead. The important part is to have fun, lots of fun.

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