Video Game Hidden Risks – Never Ignore These Signs

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Video Game Hidden Risks – Never Ignore These Signs

Video Game Hidden Risks

Playing video game is so fun and awesome, but spending all your time playing them might be a bad thing. Depending on how often and how long you do it at a time, you may face serious consequences. Obviously, doing anything without pace or moderation is not good for you (except perhaps air, or may water), so use common sense when you play games.

Whether you are a pro video gamer or just an avid gaming dude/gal who enjoys occasional hour-long gaming sessions, here are some signs that you must watch out before considering another one of those long throw-down streaks.  Of course, to avoid these signs altogether,  the rule of thumb is very much like working in an office environment or doing anything that requires concentration:

The 52/17 rule, or 52 minutes of playing followed by 17 minutes of break, stretching, or just plain walking around.

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